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When it comes to a perfect smile, a cosmetic dentist from North County Dental Care can help our patients to fix any imperfections. Straight white teeth are most patients’ dream. They offer them a confident and beautiful smile. Our dental team offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that allow our patients to achieve this goal. While we can fix almost any imperfections, our overall goal is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy first.

Cosmetic Dentist Procedures

Our Vista California cosmetic dentist is an expert in a variety of different dental procedures, all of which can help you to get that perfect smile. Some of the cosmetic dental procedures that we offer include (but are not limited to):

Teeth Whitening: Our dental office uses the Zoom! Teeth whitening method to repair any discoloration or stains on the teeth. This is performed in the office or can be done at home too with proper instructions.

Invisalign: This is an undetectable way to have braces. Patients use a series of aligners over a period of time in order to gradually shift the teeth to their desired positions.

Crowns & Bridges: Same-day crowns or CEREC crowns are used in our dental office to replace broken, decayed, or damaged teeth. Porcelain bridges help to replace one or multiple removed teeth so that the teeth do not shift as the jaw bone deteriorates over time.

Dental Bonding: Our cosmetic dentist uses dental bonding to repair small chips or cracks in the teeth.

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry in Vista, California

At North County Dental Care, our cosmetic dentist can help you to get the perfect and healthy smile you’re looking for. We offer superior dental care to all of our patients. In order to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and to schedule an appointment with our dental staff, call our office today at (760) 940-4266.