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Dental emergencies can be stressful and painful. Prompt dental treatment from an emergency dentist in Vista, California is required to make sure your teeth have the best chance of survival. Regardless of how the dental emergency developed, it’s critical that you treat dental emergencies quickly. The pain resulting from a dental emergency almost always gets worse without immediate dental treatment.

Knocked Out Teeth

If a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth, it is important to immediately see an emergency dentist. When a tooth comes loose from the mouth, tissues, nerves, and blood vessels become damaged. If the tooth can be placed back into its socket quickly (within an hour or less), the tissues may be able to grow and support the tooth once again. If a tooth has been knocked out, first rinse the tooth under warm water before putting it in the mouth. Also, never touch the root. This is essential as it keeps the tooth from drying out. An emergency dentist in Vista, California can attempt to replace the tooth in its natural socket. However, in some instances, root canal therapy may be needed.

Lost Fillings/Crowns

If a lost filling or crown comes out of the mouth, the affected tooth may be incredibly sensitive to temperature changes. Crowns generally become loose because the tooth underneath it is decaying. This decay causes shape changes in the teeth, so the crown doesn’t fit anymore. In this situation, keep the crown in a safe place as it may be able to be reinserted properly. If the crown is out of the mouth for a long period of time, the teeth may begin to move. When you arrive at our dental office, our emergency dentist in Vista, California will check the crown to see if it still fits properly.

Cracked/Broken Teeth

Teeth often experience cracks, breaks or fractures. While they may be painless, they can cause problems in the teeth. Whether from grinding or trauma, having a cracked, broken or fractured tooth is considered a dental emergency and it’s important you get into our dental office quickly.If a fracture or crack extends into the root, root canal therapy may be necessary. If the tooth completely breaks, the dentist can typically put the broken part of the tooth back on as a temporary measure until a more restorative procedure can be done.

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If you’re suffering from a dental emergency in Vista, California , North County Dental Care can help. Our emergency dentist is available and ready to assist. To learn more and to schedule a time to come into our dental office, please call us at (760) 940-4266.

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