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When tooth loss occurs, it’s necessary to install dental implants to replace the missing teeth. However, some people have a jawbone that is too weak to support dental implants . Over a periodof time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth is reabsorbed into the jaw. To prevent this,bone grafting is necessary. Bone grafting allows us to use implants of proper length and width, restoring function and offering a better appearance overall.

What Does the Bone Grafting Procedure Entail?

In today’s dentistry world, we can grow bone where it is needed most. With bone grafting in Vista, California, the existing jawbone is supplemented with additional bone material. This adds strength to the jawbone so that it can adequately support dental implants. This minor surgical procedure involves an incision made into the gums for a dental professional to gain access to the bone beneath it. From there, grafting material is added. The grafting material can come from the patient’s body. However, it may sometimes come from a human donor, after it is made sterile and safe for use. Bone grafting in Vista, California comes in many forms including gel, putty,
powder, and granules.

How to Prevent the Need for Bone Grafting in Vista, CA

The best way to prevent the need for a bone grafting procedure is to make sure your jaw stays healthy. This is done with good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing. If tooth loss occurs, missing teeth should be replaced quickly to avoid weakening of the jawbone and bone loss. As such, bone grafting is more likely to be needed the longer a person waits to replace lost teeth.

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If you are suffering from tooth loss, you may need bone grafting in Vista, California to successfully replace your missing teeth. At North County Dental Care, we specialize in this dental procedure. To learn more about bone grafting and to schedule an appointment, call our office at (760) 940-4266 today.

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