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Family Dentistry in Vista, CA

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Family dentistry in Vista, California addresses oral health at all stages of your and your family’s life. Our qualified family dentists at North County Dental Care offer comprehensive oral care for baby teeth and adult teeth combined. This allows families to only visit one dental office, rather than both a pediatric and general dentist office.

Services That Family Dentistry in Vista, CA Offers

Some of the dental services that we offer at North County Dental Care include:

  • Regular cleanings
  •  Fluoride treatments
  •  Cavity identification and filling
  •  Orthodontics
  •  Treatments for gum disease

Why Choose Family Dentistry

Our family dentists understand how teeth change and your children’s fears. We take a gentle approach to our dental care so that your children can develop a positive relationship with our dentist and want to have regular checkups and cleanings throughout their life. We also offer the ability to schedule appointments for multiple family members at the same time, which is ideal for busy families in Vista, California. Our state of the art facility uses only the most updated dental technologies, such as digital x-rays (which use less radiation) and intraoral camera exams (which magnify issues on a monitor with a special camera).

Schedule an Appointment for Family Dentistry in Vista, CA

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment at a family dentistry facility in Vista, California, North County Dental Care is the answer. We offer convenient appointments for families and stand ready to assist you. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (760) 940-4266.