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Having brighter and whiter teeth is one of the top aesthetic concerns of dental patients both in our office and around the country. At North County Dental Care in Vista, Teeth Whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures our dentists provide. Teeth whitening offers immediate results with a simple and fast non-invasive treatment.

An in-office treatment takes less than an hour to complete, and causes no harm to the structure of your teeth. Any future treatments or restorations you need will be matched to the color of your newly-whitened teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will ensure that other necessary restoration procedures are performed after the teeth whitening process is completed.

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Zoom! teeth whitening is a teeth whitening procedure done at our dental office that lightens the discoloration on your teeth’s enamel and dentin. The entire procedures lasts around an hour, a quick, convenient and painless procedure that is guaranteed to brighten your smile and make your teeth sparkle!

A take-home option is also available. Custom trays are created to fit your teeth, and enough peroxide gel is supplied for two weeks of treatment.

What can this procedure repair?

  • Discoloration caused by Fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development)
  • Normal wear of the outer tooth layer
  • Stained teeth due to medications (tetracycline, etc.)
  • Yellow and brown stains on teeth

How does take-home treatment work?

Take-home whitening may require two office visits. At your first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create custom built clear plastic trays. When the trays are ready, you will be asked to return to ensure a good fit and will be given your peroxide gel. You may choose to wear the trays twice a day for thirty minutes or overnight. The entire process will take about two weeks.

What kind of follow up care should I expect?

During your visit you will be given care instructions for both your teeth and the whitening trays. You may experience some tooth sensitivity during the whitening process, but this should pass once the treatment period is complete.
While the effects of professional whitening treatments are long-lasting, stains and discoloration naturally build up over time. You may find you need a touch up every few years, particularly if you smoke or drink coffee, tea, or wine. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits will help maintain your beautiful new smile.

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