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Endodontist in Vista, CA

Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with structures inside the teeth. Endodontics means ‘inside the tooth’ and focuses on structures found within the tooth, such as the pulp, tissues, and nerves. Endodontists in Vista, California have dental training beyond dental school that allows them to perform procedures such as root canal therapy , which can help save a tooth with a diseased nerve. Extracting the inner tooth structures during a root canal procedure and then sealing the resulting gap with a crown helps to restore both health and functionality in most teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Endodontic Problems

Signs and symptoms indicating it might be time to visit an endodontist in Vista, California include:

  • Inflamed or tender gums
  •  Tooth sensitivity
  •  Tooth discoloration
  •  Unexplained pain in lymph nodes
Reasons Why You Need Endodontic Treatment

Reasons Why You Need Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment or root canal therapy is conducted to save the natural tooth. Some of the main causes of inner tooth damage include:

  • Bacterial infections – Oral bacteria causes most endodontic problems. Bacteria invades
    the tooth pulp damaged by tooth decay or injury. This inflammation and bacterial
    infection can even lead to an abscess and a dangerous infection.
  • Fractures and chips – Root canal therapy may be required when a large part of the
    surface of the tooth is damaged.
  •  Injuries – Injuries to the teeth can cause a tooth to become luxated or dislodged from its
    tooth socket. Root canal therapy is often needed after the endodontist has stabilized the
  •  Extractions – When arriving to our Vista office, your knocked out tooth will be placed
    back into its socket, and our endodontist will then perform root canal therapy to save the
How an Endodontist in Vista

How an Endodontist in Vista, CA Performs Endodontic Therapy

Root canal therapy usually takes several dental visits to complete. Before any dental treatment is done, X-rays will be taken. A local anesthetic will then administered by our endodontist and a dental dam (protective sheet) put in place to ensure the surgical area remains free of saliva during the dental treatment. Next, an opening will be made in the surface of the tooth to completely remove the pulp. From there, the space will be shaped, cleaned and filled and dental cement applied on top to ensure that the root canals are completely sealed off to avoid future infection.

Once completely sealed, a temporary filling will be placed to restore functionality to the tooth prior to the permanent restoration procedure. During the final visit, a crown will be placed.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment with an Endodontist in Vista, CA

When you sense that you need endodontic therapy, schedule an appointment with an endodontist from North County Dental Care. To learn more about our dental services and to schedule this appointment, call our Vista, California office at (760) 940-4266.

Dr Susan Chang

Susan Chang, DDS (Endodontist)

Dr. Chang has been dedication her career to providing excellent dental care since 2004. She graduated from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery ( DDS ) degree. She then completed a first year residency in VA Ann Arbor Healthcare Systems, and a second year residency in VA Sepulveda in Greater Los Angeles. Lastly, she has completed her specialty training in Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR.

As a root canal specialist, Dr. Chang’s expertise lies in the pathology of the dental pulp and periradicular disease. She is committed to provide excellent patient center care alongside her colleagues to enable her patient to benefit from a team of specialists.

Dr. Chang is a member of American Dental Associates, California Dental Association, and San Diego County Dental Association. When she is not at work, Dr. Chang enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

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