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Oral Sedation in Vista, CA

It’s not uncommon for patients to be afraid of the dentist. If the thought of your regular dental examination makes you anxious, oral sedation is the answer. Sedation can be used for any procedure, from a simple tooth cleaning to root canal therapy. How it is used depends on the severity of a patient’s fear. At North County Dental Care, our goal is to make every patient as comfortable as possible.

Levels of Sedation Dentistry in Vista, CA

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Although it is also known as sleep dentistry, most patients are awake – just in a relaxed state so that dental procedures can be done while they are comfortable.

Levels of oral sedation used in Vista, California include:

  • Minimal sedation — This is when a patient is awake, but in a relaxed state.
  • Conscious sedation — Patients are in a twilight state and may not remember parts of the procedure.
  • Deep sedation — A patient is nearly unconscious, but still awake in some sense.
  • General anesthesia — A patient is completely unconscious.

Types of Sedation Dentistry Used in Vista, CA

The following types of oral sedation are used at North County Dental Care:

  1. Inhaled minimal sedation – With this, a patient breathes nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help them relax. The dentist can control the amount of sedation used and the gas does wear off quickly. This is the only form of oral sedation used where a patient can drive themselves home after.
  2. Oral sedation – Oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate. For minimal sedation, a patient will take a pill similar to Valium, usually about an hour before the dental procedure begins. This pill makes a patient drowsy, but they’re still awake.
  3. IV moderate sedation A patient receives this sedative through the vein, allowing it to work quicker. With this method, our dental team in Vista can continually adjust the level of sedation.
  4. Deep sedation and general anesthesia – A patient receives medications that will make them almost unconscious or totally unconscious during the procedure.

Schedule an Appointment to Discuss Oral Sedation in Vista, CA Today

At North County Dental Care, we pride ourselves on offering sedation dentistry to help make our patients of all ages comfortable. To learn more about sedation dentistry and to schedule an appointment with our professional dental team in Vista, California, call us at (760) 940-4266 today.

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