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Sedation Dentistry in Vista

Many people fear going to the dentist. However, at North County Dental Care, we offer sedation dentistry options for those that are anxious of the dental. They can be used for any procedures, whether an exam and cleaning, a root canal, or extraction. How it is used...

Preventive Dentistry in Vista

At North County Dental Care, we perform regular dental examinations and cleanings to detect problems in our patients’ teeth and gums. This helps us to ensure that your entire family is free from any problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. Our Vista CA dental...

Gum Treatment in Vista, CA

Periodontal disease is terrible for your gums and the bond that help to support your teeth. Plaque must be removed, or tartar will form there. When they are not removed properly, they can begin to destroy the gums and the bone around them. A periodontist from North...

General Dentistry in Vista California

Practicing good oral hygiene is important as it prevents painful conditions to arise in the teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene combined with regular visits to our general dentist for examinations and cleanings helps to ensure that your oral health is the best as...