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Most of our dental patients in Vista want to have whiter, brighter, and straighter teeth. At Northern County Dental Care, teeth whitening is one of the main cosmetic dentistry procedures that our cosmetic dentist provides our patients. This procedure offers instant results with a simple, pain-free, and fast treatment.

Understanding Zoom!

Zoom! teeth whitening is a teeth whitening procedure that is done at our Vista dental office. It lightened any discoloration or stains on the teeth’s enamel. It is quick, efficient and convenient for patients of all ages looking to brighten their smile in our California dental office.

About the In-Office Procedure

An in-office teeth whitening procedure in Vista California takes less than an hour and doesn’t hurt the teeth’s structure in any way. Any future treatments will be matched to the color of the newly-whitened teeth. Our cosmetic dentist will make sure that any restoration procedures are performed after this tooth whitening process takes place. Zoom! Teeth whitening can repair normal wear on the outer tooth layer, stains, and discoloration.

About the Take-Home Whitening Option

We also offer a take-home whitening process where custom trays are custom made in order to fit your teeth. This process takes two office visits. At the first one, our cosmetic dentist takes impressions of the teeth to create these trays. When they are ready, you will return to ensure they fit properly and to be given the peroxide gel. You can choose how often you would like to wear your trays for about a two-week period of time. You will be given care instructions to follow during your teeth whitening experience.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening in Vista Today

At North Country Dental Care, our cosmetic dentist team can help you to get the white smile you’re dreaming off. To learn more about teeth whitening options and to schedule an appointment today, call our California dental office today at (760) 940-4266.